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  • Campbell Paterson

UK Government Data Reform Bill

The UK Government today announced it's plans for the Data Reform Bill as part of the Queen's speech. The planned legislation is targeted to help increase the competitiveness of UK businesses and boost the economy and aims to:

  • Reform the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Streamline data protection and privacy laws and deviate from EU rules

  • Modernise the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) extending it's capabilities and powers to take stronger action against organisations that breach data rules

The full details of the proposed legislation are not yet published but it is expected that the bill will have far reaching impacts across both the private and public sector. Any changes to or departures from GDPR and EU law could risk the UK's data adequacy ruling from the EU. Changes to the powers of the ICO will need to be thought through sector by sector with industry data regulations for sectors like Financial Services addressed consistently across the ICO, PRA, FCA and other financial regulators outside the UK.

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