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Our Capabilities

Quaylogic's capabilities provide our clients with the full range of data management components. We pride ourselves in our delivery track record and ability to deliver pragmatic solutions both directly and with our partner network. 


DCAM & CDMC Services

We are an EDM Council DCAM & CDMC Authorised Partner with Accredited consultants to assist with your data management maturity assessment programmes.

DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model) is fast becoming the cross industry standard, best practice data maturity assessment framework to assist organisations in designing, developing and implementing successful data management programmes.  Although it has origins in financial services, DCAM has successfully been used within automotive, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and many other industries.

The CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities) framework is the new industry standard developed by the EDM Council to assess your cloud environment and provide the structure to manage data ingestion and migration to cloud environments and manage the ongoing cloud data management operation effectively.  Quaylogic is one of 15 Authorised Partners accredited and licensed by the EDM Council to conduct CDMC assessments world-wide.

Cap - DCAM

Risk Data Management

Enterprise Risk Management Framework (ERMF) - Managing Data as a Risk

Formally managing Data as a Risk Type is becoming more important with the ever increasing focus on data, how it is used, the growth it can enable and costs savings it can realise.

We can support your organisation on the journey that formally recognises Data Risk within your Enterprise Risk Management Framework, sets risk appetite, implements controls, monitoring and remediation action plans.


Cap - Risk Data Management

Data Centric Regulatory Change

We have hands-on experience implementing across a range of data centric regulations including GDPR, BCBS239, CCAR, KYC/CDD, COREP, FINREP and CRD IV.

We can deliver your change programme from regulatory paper requirement interpretation right through to business process & technology implementation, inclusive of embedding the changes into the BAU data organisation.

Cap - Regulatory Change

Next Generation Digital and Cloud Platform Delivery

The customer digital journey and use of cloud platforms has become a key consideration for organisations.  Whether this involves a migration from legacy customer channels and technology to next generation platforms, or challengers organisations starting with a clean slate, data remains central.

We continue to be involved in initiatives looking at cloud capabilities, greenfield next generation banking platforms and start-ups looking to challenge the status quo through innovative customer journeys.  Our focus - delivering strategy, analytics, insight along with AI & Machine Learning capability.

We are leaders working with industry organisations including the EDM Council to develop the Cloud Data Management Capability (CDMC) data industry framework standard.

Cap - Next Gen Digital Cloud

Data Strategy

We work with clients to develop the data business case tied to strategic revenue, cost or compliance focused initiatives, secure funding, agree the roadmap and mobilise the change programmes needed to execute the strategy.  The challenges across organisations remain common but the importance of correctly positioning the business case should not be underestimated.

We will work with you to develop your data strategy aligned to business objectives - and turn strategy into delivery and outcomes.

Cap - Data Strategy

Data Management As A Service

The demand for data management capabilities and specialist Data Management Practitioners continues to grow with ever increasing focus on new technologies, customer channels and regulation.

We provide a range of capabilities that allow organisations to access a flexible, on demand set of Data Management Capabilities to meet the requirements of change programmes and data management in BAU.

Cap - DM As A Service
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