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Our Strengths

Quaylogic have a range of strengths and core competencies to help you transform your organisation's data capability. Recognised as leaders in our field - we have many years of data transformation and management industry experience with a proven delivery track record.


Consulting & Programme Delivery

At Quaylogic, we pride ourselves on the deep technical and industry expertise our consulting brings to every client engagement.  We have many years of experience delivering complex data programmes, technology implementations and regulatory driven changes.

We operate cross-industry and have consultants with backgrounds ranging from financial services, automotive, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.  Our strength is being able to provide an end-to-end delivery team that can take our clients from business case, data strategy through into implementation and embedding into BAU.

We will work with specific requirements to design and implement programmes of change to deliver against your strategic initiatives, returning an enhanced ability to respond to opportunities and risks.

Strength - Consulting


Quaylogic work with a number of key partners, software vendors and service providers.  As technology platforms evolve, we continually extend our full partner list.  Our advice is to always select the right technology for the challenge.  We have partner certified delivery resource, engineers and solution experts with years of deep experience to help you.  We invest in partner training and certification to keep abreast of the latest technology developments.

Through our partnerships with the leading data management platform and technology providers we help you implement the most effective data management solutions specifically for your organisation.

Some of the 3rd party partners we work with are listed below.




EDM Council

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)









Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure

Ab Initio

Strenght - Partners

Q-Innovation Hub © 

The Q-Innovation Hub is central to our proposition of helping leading edge clients deliver next generation business models and technology platforms.

As well as working independently on internal innovation projects, we continue to be involved in initiatives looking at cloud capabilities, greenfield next generation banking platforms and start-ups looking to challenge the status quo.

Our positioning, business strategy SMEs and technical team help us design and package ideas to support our clients drive the innovation agenda.

Strengths - Q-Innovation

Data Practitioners & Resourcing

Our strength as an organisation and specialist in all things data is underpinned by our people.

Our consultants & associates are more than smart, entrepreneurial and innovative - they are seasoned Data Practitioners with years of industry experiences across a large number of clients, tools, vendors and operating models.

That's what makes us different, better and the right solution for you.

Strengths - Data Practioner

Q-Academy ©

We take our graduates and junior professionals through our dedicated training and mentoring programme to develop to be equipped with the right skills and experience.

We mentor and train our data management and data engineering people to be the skilled and experienced data management professionals of tomorrow.

Our Q-Academy © Team are skilled, energetic and motivated to deliver the right data capability for your organisation.

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