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  • Nigel Matthews

UK Government: Transforming for a Digital Future

On the 9th June 2022, the UK Government announced it's three year roadmap for digital and data: ‘Transforming for a Digital Future

Published by the Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) in collaboration with central government departments, the roadmap sets out a cross-government vision for 2025 and a set of specific actions.

The vision suggests that by 2025, the UK government will be a transformed, more efficient digital government that provides better outcomes by exceeding public expectations, equipping civil servants for a digital future and enhancing government efficiency and security.

The strategy and associated actions are to be delivered across six cross-government missions:

Mission 1 - Transformed public services that achieve the right outcomes

Mission 2 - One Login for government

Mission 3 - Better data to power decision making

Mission 4 - Secure, efficient and sustainable technology

Mission 5 - Digital skills at scale

Mission 6 - A system that unlocks digital transformation

The Data mission, sponsored by Professor Sir Ian Diamond, National Statistician and Chief Executive of the UK Statistics Authority, is aligned with the recommendations of the National Data Strategy - published in December 2020.

Quaylogic welcome the announcement as highlighting some of the pragmatic steps and foundational data management capabilities that need to be established not only to meet the digital transformation vision, but also in meeting the goals of the National Data Strategy to drive major improvements in the way information is efficiently managed, used and shared across government.

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