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  • Jag Bachra

Protecting Your Data Assets

With the recent massive geopolitical challenges across Europe organisations are facing unprecedented levels of cyber attack risk with data. Quaylogic have developed a Critical Data Asset (CDA) framework to identify, secure and protect the priority key data-sets required to operate your business in the event of cyberattack or other security event. If you are a CIO, CDO or CRO you need to know what data is business critical, where that data resides and how to lockdown and secure that data in the event of security breach. The framework identifies the priority critical data element sets, where those data sets are sourced, who is accountable for the data, what systems hold the data - and what needs to be done to protect your data when a security or cyberattack event occurs. In the event of a security breach decisions need to be taken quickly/real-time and with certainty to ensure operational resilience is maintained - Quaylogic's Critical Data Asset (CDA) framework ensures your organisation's data is safe, secure and protected.

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