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  • Campbell Paterson

ESG Data Management & Analytics

The United Nations COP 26 summit, regulators, customers, investors and other stakeholders are driving increased focus on all organisation's ESG performance. This is accelerating the need for accessible, available and transparent data across all industries and sectors. CDO's need to be positioning data at the centre of their organisation's ESG strategy and initiative set.

Quaylogic have developed an ESG data management and control framework which can optimise your organisation's approach to harnessing it's data to drive ESG decision making and satisfy reporting and compliance needs. Additionally, our ESG data management and control framework is designed to integrate effectively with data analytics disciplines to proactively use predictive data driven insights to form your organisation's ESG decisions and response. Quaylogic can help you establish and build your ESG data capability to put data at the centre of your company's ESG strategy.

Contact us now on or contact the author: Campbell Paterson (Quaylogic Data Management Expert)

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