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  • Nigel Matthews

Data Privacy and Sharing: Finding the Right Balance

Data privacy and data sharing have grown to be major issues in today's digital environment. Sensitive data must be protected from growing cyber threats with data driven businesses needing to implement strong security measures and encryption procedures. The need for data security and privacy needs to be balanced with sharing data responsibly and effectively - effective data sharing encourages collaboration and innovation across an organisation which often results in improved efficiencies and greater data driven insights - supporting important agendas such as customer personalisation.

One of the challenges is striking the proper balance between data exchange and privacy/security. To negotiate this complex environment, specific solutions that take compliance, ethics, and individual rights into account are required. Achieving this balance will help to create a data-driven organisation that respects privacy while maximising the value of shared information for to generate business value. Quaylogic have a Data Privacy and Sharing Framework which can help you accelerate establishing the required capability.

Quaylogic can provide you with the right advice and delivery skills to ensure your organisation has the right data capability in place for effective Data Security, Privacy and Sharing.

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