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  • Jag Bachra

Data Management Benchmarking

Quaylogic is very much looking forwards to the publication of the EDM Council (EDMC) 2022 Global Data Management Benchmark Report due on 21st November 2022. In our view the 2022 Benchmark Report is one of the best data industry standard comparison assets available globally - and can be harnessed by organisations to make informed data investment decisions and drive prioritised data delivery.

The Benchmark Report is conducted every 2 years and uses the industry standard Data Capability Assessment Model (DCAM). The benchmarking exercise is cross industry with in excess of 300 + respondents. The respondent set includes many Fortune 500 / FTSE 100 companies and has particularly high representation across Financial Services in North America and Europe. As DCAM Authorised Partners and EDMC Members sitting on a number of EDMC working group governance committees Quaylogic have been given early insight into the key themes and trends with the 2022 Benchmark Report. We are looking forwards to the Benchmark Report being shared across the industry from the 21st November 2022.

Contact us now on or contact the author: Jagtar Bachra (Quaylogic Data Management Expert)

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