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  • Jag Bachra

Challenges of Cloud Data Migration & Operation

Quaylogic is working with the EDM Council on the Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) workgroup as a working group member to enable organisations to manage their data effectively when adopting cloud technologies.

The EDM Council published the initial Cloud Data Management Capability (CDMC) Key Controls and Automations document last week - which details the 14 key controls that are critical to managing data risk for sensitive data in Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments.

CDMC provides a framework similar to DCAM to drive the adoption and transformation of cloud based data management.

Quaylogic is a DCAM Authorised Provider and we can help you to design, develop and implement successful data management programmes – as well as providing leadership in cloud base data management.

Contact us now on or contact the author: Jag Bachra (Quaylogic Data Management Expert)

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