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DCAM & CDMC Assessment Services

We are an EDM Council DCAM and CDMC Authorised Partner with Accredited consultants to assist with your data management maturity assessment programmes.

DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model) is fast becoming the cross industry standard, best practice data maturity assessment framework to assist organisations in designing, developing and implementing successful data management programmes.  Although it has origins in financial services, DCAM has successfully been used within automotive, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and many other industries. 


The CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities) framework is the new industry standard developed by the EDM Council to assess your cloud environment and provide the structure to manage data ingestion and migration to cloud environments and manage the ongoing cloud data management operation effectively.  Quaylogic is one of 15 Authorised Partners accredited and licensed by the EDM Council to conduct CDMC assessments world-wide.

How can Quaylogic help you

  • We will setup and run your first DCAM and CDMC assessment

  • We will design and implement the monitoring framework, tied to your Enterprise Risk Management Framework, to meet your data analyst to C-Suite reporting needs

  • We will help you define remediation areas, shape business cases and deliver programmes of change to mature your data capability

  • We will perform periodic DCAM and CDMC reassessments to formally record progress and also validate the internal monitoring framework

We are seasoned data professionals who can apply the DCAM framework in a practical manner to drive remediation and provide tangible uplifts in your data capability.  Quaylogic have cross-industry consultants that bring a wealth of data, programme delivery and advisory experience to every engagement.

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