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BCBS 239 Driven CDO Set Up For A Tier 1 Financial Organisation

The Quaylogic team worked closely with the Group level data programme to design and roll out data policy, the business glossary, DQ profiling & issue management tooling and an advanced metadata scanning tool.

With the set up of common group wide tools, the organisation was able to mobilise each divisional data team to identify critical data, approve definitions and implement DQ monitoring to meet the requirements of BCBS239.  In addition, the team implemented metadata scanning tooling to read interfaces, databases and data transfer code to build data lineage in a semi-automated manner.

The components the Quaylogic team helped implement and supported the financial organisation to deliver a significant amount of CDO capability to both meet the requirements of BCBS239 and also implement a sustainable data operating model to support the organisation going forwards.

With the common tooling, definitions, operating model and data language implemented by the programme, the organisation was able to better understand the data risk and how to mitigate any impact.  These changes and insight allowed the organisation to increase the pace at which it could respond to further regulatory requirements and drive strategic initiatives.

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